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Embark on a journey into the captivating realm of language and literature as you join the Associate Degree in English program, where the transformative influence of words and narratives unfolds.. English is not just a means of communication; it is a gateway to knowledge, cultural understanding, and critical thinking. The Associate Degree in English program offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and complexity of the English language, explore diverse literary works, and develop the skills necessary for effective communication, analytical thinking, and cultural appreciation. The Associate Degree in English program not only cultivates a deep appreciation for literature and language but also equips students with the essential skills necessary for success in a wide range of careers that value effective communication, critical thinking, and cultural understanding. Graduates of this program will find themselves well-prepared for further studies in English or related fields, as well as for careers in writing, publishing, education, media, public relations, and various other professions that require strong communication and analytical skills.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs): Throughout the program, students will achieve the following Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Literary Analysis: Students will acquire the ability to analyze and interpret literary works, including novels, plays, poems, and short stories, demonstrating an understanding of literary techniques, themes, and historical contexts.
  2. Effective Communication: Students will enhance their written and oral communication skills, mastering the art of expressing ideas clearly, cohesively, and persuasively, while adapting their language and style to different audiences and purposes.
  3. Research Skills: Students will develop research skills, including information gathering, evaluation of sources, and proper citation practices, enabling them to conduct independent research and produce well-reasoned and evidence-based written assignments.
  4. Critical Reading and Thinking: Students will cultivate critical reading skills, discerning and evaluating various perspectives and arguments within texts, and developing the ability to analyze, synthesize, and respond critically to different genres and forms of written communication.
  5. Cultural and Historical Awareness: Students will deepen their understanding of different cultures, historical periods, and social contexts through the study of literature, recognizing the ways in which literature reflects and shapes society, identity, and values.
  6. Creative Expression: Students will nurture their creativity and self-expression through writing, exploring various genres, styles, and techniques, and honing their ability to craft engaging narratives, descriptive prose, and impactful poetry.

Program Details

2 Years

Intermediate or equivalent (12 years) qualification with minimum (35 %) marks.

Morning/ Evening

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